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Henan Guandu Veterinary Drug Manufacturing Co., Ltd. originated in 1968. It was restructured from Zhengzhou Animal Drug Factory, an enterprise directly under Henan Animal Husbandry Bureau. At present, it belongs to the joint stock system. The company is located in Zhengzhou, the hinterland of Central Plains. The company is a leading scientific and technological innovative enterprise integrating the research and development, production, brand promotion and customer service of new special veterinary drugs.
In 2016, the company opened a new site in Kaifeng Tongxu, an ancient cultural capital, covering an area of 100 mu, with a total investment of 500 million yuan and a first-stage investment of 120 million yuan. Henan Guandu Bioengineering Co., Ltd., the second production base of the company, has water injection, powder injection, oil emulsion, breast perfusion, uterine perfusion, extraction of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine premix, Chinese medicine powder, hormones, tablets, pills and suppositories. Eight workshops and fifteen production lines of agents, solids, liquid disinfectants and additives are the most complete enterprises in the central and western regions of China.
Henan Guandu Group consists of: Henan Guandu Veterinary Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Henan Guandu Bioengineering Co., Ltd., Henan Guandu Shengguang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Guandu Dietary Service Co., Ltd., Commercial Hotel, Tiandi ren  Hotel and other branches.