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In 2019, the company confronted the listing of "non-plague" explosives [special exemption]


In 2019, the only vegetable essential oil soft capsule in China was born, and in 2019, Shanghai Yuexiao Pet Products Co., Ltd was acquired.


In 2018, the company's fifth generation of pure Chinese medicine ultrafine powder, a product upgraded by Chinese medicine fermentation, muscle-strengthening, muscle-fattening and growth-promoting products, [Mushen], was on the market.


In 2018, the company reached strategic cooperation with Danish Watson Vick (Hong Kong) Holdings Co., Ltd.


In 2018, the new base passed GMP certification smoothly, and the production base with the most complete product line in China's Midwest was born.

December 2017

In December 2017, the additive production line and premixed feed production line of Kaifeng Base were put into operation.


In 2015, the company's fourth generation of pure Chinese medicine superfine powder, which is an upgraded product of Chinese medicine fermentation, fertilization and growth promotion, was listed on the market; in 2016, the group located Kaifeng Tongxu, Henan Province, to establish the second production base of the company, Henan Guandu Bioengineering Co., Ltd., covering 120 mu;


In 2013, the company's third generation of pure Chinese medicine superfine powder added probiotic fattening and growth promotion products were listed on the market.


Henan Agricultural University's Production, Education and Research Base was listed in 2011, and became Henan Agricultural University's scientific research achievements transformation base.


In 2010, the company's second generation of pure Chinese medicine ultrafine powder fattening and growth promotion products were listed on the market.


Ceftiofur Sodium Project, a cooperative project with Zhengzhou University, was put into operation in 2009


In 2007, the company's first generation of pure Chinese medicine green fattening and growth promotion product fattening 6 + 1 went on the market;


In 1997, when the state-owned enterprises were restructured, Guandu Group was renamed Henan Guandu Veterinary Drug Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Joint-stock system).


In 1991, Minister of Agriculture Liu Zhongyi came to the factory for investigation and research, and personally nominated for the company: Zhengzhou Animal Drug Factory


In 1986, the company's product "Red Peeling" became popular all over China.


In 1968, Guandu, a treasure land of major battles in history, was established in Zhengzhou Animal Drug Factory, which belongs to the state-owned enterprise directly under Henan Animal Husbandry Bureau.