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Main ingredients:
Houttuynia essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, lavender essential oil, thyme essential oil.
reserch shows:
Houttuynia cordata oil can clear away heat and detoxification, diuretic swelling, cure edema, gonorrhea, vaginal discharge, carbuncle, anti-pathogenic microorganisms, enhance immunity, and improve the phagocytosis of white blood cells. Australian eucalyptus essential oil, also known as eucalyptus oil, has a camphor aroma and a strong bactericidal effect. It is one of the best essential oils for treating wounds and abscesses. It only takes a few drops to effectively heal wounds and eliminate muscle soreness. Lavender essential oil from Provence, France, has a strong permeability. It can quickly change the living environment of local tissue cells through affinity, promote blood supply and lymph circulation, accelerate the activity of body fluids, accelerate metabolism, promote cell regeneration, relieve stress and relax muscles. It has improved the internal environment and further improved the vitality of the whole body, and has super sterilization and disinfection functions. Spanish thyme essential oil is one of the strongest antibacterial agents. It can improve digestive system and gynecological diseases, promote blood circulation, enhance immunity, reduce neuropathic pain, help wound healing, activate cells, enhance attention, resist depression and soothe the soul. Trauma, strengthening the body and resisting stress. The above essential oil science compatibility, the effect is extremely accurate, can be very effective to improve the reproductive performance of dams.
1. Pure natural ingredients, no resistance, no residue, no drug resistance, safe and efficient.
2, easy to use, save people time and effort, easy to operate.
3, strong permeability, easy to be absorbed by the mucous membrane, directly infiltrated into the skin, killing deep pathogens.
4, essential oils with diffuse adhesion, even distribution in the uterus and vaginal, full coverage without dead ends, can be attached to the uterus and vagina for a long time, unique capsule design, long-term sustained release, can maintain the effective concentration of drugs for a long time, Complete elimination of pathogens. The aqueous preparation is difficult to be homogeneous for a long time and has no dead angle attached to the uterus and the vagina. The effective concentration of the drug is short, the effect is limited, and the drug resistance is easily generated.
5, very uterine contraction and lubrication function, which is conducive to the elimination of fetal clothes and lochia.
6, good analgesic, repair, pleasure function, can effectively reduce physical exertion, so that the hens quickly resume eating after childbirth.
Applicable animals:
Pigs, horses, cattle, sheep, camels.
Breeding and breeding sheep usage:
1. Prevention of postpartum diseases, natural health: postpartum with the applicator to push 1 capsule to the uterus, if dystocia or reproductive disorders, push 1 capsule to the uterus the next day, can replace the uterus rinse.
2. Treatment of severe metritis, endometritis: 2 pieces of cut into 100ml 35-40 ° C warm water, with the vas deferens (device) to the uterus, severe, the third day, this method is repeated once, cured The rate is over 60%.
3. The placenta does not go down: push 2 capsules to the uterus with the applicator, and remove it in 3 hours without uterine washing.
4. Sows dystocia first aid: especially in summer, if the labor period is more than 4 hours, the physical exertion is too large, and the postpartum does not eat or the back knees. When the third head is produced, push 2 capsules to the uterus, which can help to quickly give birth and avoid Excessive physical exertion.
Cattle Camel Usage and Dosage:
1. Postpartum care for cattle and horses, hand-introduction, 1 vaginal vaginal. Postpartum lochia and metritis, placed in the uterus 2 capsules of a vagina.
2. Camel postpartum care, hand-held introduction, placed 2 vaginal vaginal 1 capsule. Postpartum lochia and metritis, placed in the uterus 3 capsules of the vagina.
Dosing method:
1. Du Lilang is embedded in the silicone head of the applicator. Apply a proper amount of Vaseline to increase the lubricity. If the force is applied to the vagina, push it to the half-bar distance. If the force is applied to the uterus It is perceived by the degree of resistance whether it is pushed to the uterus.
2. The drug delivery device must be disinfected for repeated use. The disinfectant can be selected from quaternary ammonium salts or iodine preparations.
3, used in childbirth or childbirth, the birth canal has been opened, it should be easy to push in, if it is to eliminate the lochia, push to be careful, and use Vaseline to lubricate the applicator.
At 38 ° C or above, it can be melted within 2 hours. It should not be placed in the car or under high temperature. It is easy to break and leak oil in humid environment. It must be stored in a cool and dry place at low temperature.