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[name of veterinary medicine]
General name: doramectin injection
Commodity name:
English Name: doramectin injection
Pinyin: duolajunsu Zhusheye
[main ingredients] doramectin
[property] colorless or yellowish clear oily liquid.
[pharmacological action] doramectin is produced by the fermentation of a new recombinant strain of streptomycin, which is a broad-spectrum antiparasitic drug. It has good repellent effect on parasites in vivo and in vitro, especially some nematodes (roundworms) and arthropods, but it is not effective on tapeworms, flukes and protozoa. The main mechanism of action is to increase the release of GABA, the inhibitory neurotransmitter of the insect, so as to block the transmission of nerve signals, make muscle cells lose the ability of contraction and lead to the death of the insect. The peripheral neurotransmitter of mammal is acetylcholine, which will not be affected by doramectin. Doramectin is not easy to pass through the blood-brain barrier, has little damage to the central nervous system, and is relatively safe for livestock.
[function and use] antiparasitic drugs. It is used for the treatment of livestock nematodes, blood lice, mites and other external parasitic diseases.
[usage and dosage] intramuscular injection: once, every 33kg body weight, 1ml for pigs.