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Pet series

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[main ingredients]
Ephedra, almond, gypsum, licorice.
This product is dark brown liquid.
Clearing heat, promoting lung function and relieving asthma.
This product has obvious inhibitory effect on respiratory diseases caused by various reasons, and its antispasmodic effect on bronchial smooth muscle is long-lasting; it has the effect of refreshing and catharsis, clearing lung and relieving asthma. It is mainly used to treat the syndrome of exogenous wind and pathogenic heat blocking the lung. The body heat is not clear, cough is adverse, the breath is urgent, the nose is fan, thirsty. It is commonly used in the treatment of cold, upper respiratory tract infection, acute bronchitis and pneumonia.
[usage and dosage]
Dogs and cats weigh 1ml / kg twice a day for 3-5 days.