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Pet doctor is a good helper
[main ingredients]
Taurine, vitamin B1, ATP, functional oligosaccharide, medium chain fatty acid, compound amino acid, compound organic acid, imported multidimensional, electrolyte, small molecule sugar, small molecule peptide, plant extract, etc
I. solve the disorder of metabolism and electrolyte imbalance
1. Resist stress, quickly supplement physical strength, and solve all kinds of stress such as weaning, house changing, transportation, etc;
2. It can balance electrolytes and has a special effect on severe diarrhea and dehydration. It can rapidly balance various acids, bases and ions inside and outside cells;
3. It can be used for acute and chronic metabolic disorder diseases, promote the metabolism of the body, have a significant effect on non eating and mental depression caused by various diseases, and effectively promote the recovery of diseases.
II. Mechanism
It can enter the body directly through drinking water, without injection, with little stress, participate in the metabolism of the body, quickly supplement energy, increase the blood oxygen carrying capacity in the blood vessels, increase the storage capacity and detoxification function of liver elements, regulate the balance of electrolyte, make up for the congenital deficiency of development, solve the physiological anorexia and diarrhea, and improve the immune capacity of the body.
III. product characteristics
1. Strong stability: Advanced chelating technology in the world, good product stability.
2. Comprehensive nutrition: more comprehensive nutrition of various amino acids and chelating minerals.
3. High conversion rate: 30 minutes of rapid energy supplement, 5 hours of electrolyte balance, 12 hours of rapid activation of immunity;
Usage and dosage:
0.5ml-1ml / kg body weight, diluted with 1:5 times water, and then taken by gavage.