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Help cat and child grow up
Taurine's importance to cats:
Taurine is a kind of amino acid that must be taken in cat's daily diet. It has certain benefits to cat's eyes, heart, brain, stomach and immunity, among which the most obvious is cat's eyes.
Effects on eyes:
If a cat lacks taurine, its big eyes are not bright, and its central retina is deformed, it will make the cat's eyesight begin to decline. If the cat lacks taurine for a long time, it may lead to blindness.
Effects on the heart:
Taurine deficiency is considered to be related to heart and liver diseases, such as dilated cardiomyopathy. Because the cat does not have enough taurine, the heart muscle cannot contract normally, and eventually lead to congestive heart failure.
Effects on the brain:
Taurine plays an important role in maintaining brain operation and development. It can also help electrolytes enter and exit cells, strengthen brain function, reduce brain glutamate level and protect brain. If the kitten lacks enough taurine from childhood, it will be very harmful to the future growth.
Effects on pregnant females:
Pregnant female cats should not lack taurine, otherwise their chances of miscarriage will be greatly increased. Even if kittens are born, the lack of taurine in the mother will lead to poor visual development and slow growth of kittens.
Effects on immune function:
Taurine can protect the stomach, liver and enhance the resistance of the cat. The lack of taurine will reduce the immune function of the cat and make it easy to catch cold and get sick. It also has a great influence on the digestive system. In the absence of taurine, bile cannot be secreted smoothly.
Specification: 2G / BAG * 10 bags / piece