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Special farming

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[Material composition] Bacillus subtilis + Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Codonopsis, Hawthorn, orange peel, licorice, longan meat.
[Applicable animals] Various farmed animals.
1. Promote intestinal villus hyperplasia and intestinal peristalsis, mutual health, is conducive to ruminating, reducing rumen gas.
2. Effectively promote the decomposition of carbohydrates in feed and the synthesis of volatile fatty acids to ensure feed
Non-protein nitrogen in the feed is converted into selective bacterial proteins, enhancing nutrients such as proteins
Digestion absorption and absorption of energy.
3. The effect of fattening on lean cattle and sheep is particularly prominent. The skin is smooth and eats longer.
4. Promote the metabolism of feces in cattle and sheep, increase the micro-muscle content, and make the white feces of beef be deposited in the muscle fibers in an orderly manner to form a dense marble pattern (snowflake beef).
5. The same weight of the whole product can be used in advance, and the weight of the same newborn is significantly increased.
6. This product is 500-1000 kg per pack and can be used for a long time.