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1. Responsible for the company's business development, promotion and maintenance in the international market;
3. Develop international market, sustain potential customers, expand product market influence and continuously improve sales performance;
4. Responsible for overseas customer relationship maintenance, international exhibitions and other related work;
5. To regularly complete the collection, analysis, summarization and reporting of data related to foreign trade business.
6. Be responsible for implementing annual and monthly sales plans.
Job requirements:
1. Working experience in independent foreign business is preferred.
2. Strong ability to resist pressure and adapt to travel.
3. Experience in foreign trade in veterinary medicine-related fields, familiar with foreign trade process, able to carry out foreign trade business, expand overseas markets, develop and maintain foreign customers, can carry out export business liaison, negotiation and negotiation. Experience in leading sales team or customer service is preferred.
4. Well-planned, conscientious, good execution and coordination management ability.